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ClassNK releases Edition 2.0 of guidelines for Wind-Assisted Propulsion

ClassNK releases Edition 2.0 of guidelines for Wind-Assisted Propulsion

(Posted on 24/04/23)

ClassNK has released "Guidelines for Wind-Assisted Propulsion Systems for Ships (Edition 2.0)", which specify requirements for ensuring the safety of ships equipped with wind-assisted propulsion systems based on the latest insights obtained from the involvement in actual installation projects.

As a solution for responding to the EEXI regulations and CII rating, and fuel costs reduction, the implementation of wind-assisted propulsion systems is progressing. When such systems are installed on board ships, it is expected to be effective in reducing CO2 emissions, etc., by the use of wind forces. However, depending on the scale and specifications, they also pose risks to ships’ structures, the crew on board, and the surrounding environment.

To provide safety guidance for addressing these risks appropriately, ClassNK published the first edition of “Guidelines for Wind-Assisted Propulsion Systems for Ships” in 2019 as a standard for wind-assisted propulsion systems and ships equipped with the systems, and has performed plan approvals and surveys related to the actual installation projects.

Reflecting the insights obtained from involvement in the actual installation projects and output of the latest R&D, the guidelines are updated significantly to the second edition. The overall structure of the guidelines has been revised and organized into three parts: "Wind-Assisted Propulsion Systems", "Base Ships", and "Surveys", and requirements have been refined and clarified. The guidelines now provide a comprehensive overview of the points to be considered in designing wind-assisted propulsion systems and their installation on ships.

The guidelines are available to download via ClassNK’s website for those who have registered for the ClassNK “My Page.”

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