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Nemag's game-changer

Dry bulk terminals around the globe are embracing the nemaX in the iron ore sector and beyond

A full load

Shiploader suppliers have been busy during the past 12 months

The right data at the right time

Steffen Johnstad-Møller, former General Manager Dry Bulk Chartering and Co-founder at BlueKey, which has delivered the first award-winning maritime search platform helping dry bulk shipping professionals calculate precise freight indications, highlights the importance of better data utlilization

Bigger than bumper

With the winter crop harvest completed on Australia's east coast, GrainCorp is celebrating record site receivals across its grain handling network 

Two centuries of passion for the port  

Since 1st May 2021 the J. MÜLLER Group, which now operates internationally, will have existed in Brake and Bremen for 200 years

Shi.E.L.D. Services diversifies 

Dry bulk transhipment specialist, Shi.E.L.D. Services has successfully diversified and deployed their expertise and assets beyond the company's traditional Asian markets 

Australian exporters stage a recovery 

In October 2020 China implemented a ban on clearing or discharging Australian coal with immediate effect, followed by a hard stop on cargoes received after 6 November 

GAC joins green coalition

The GAC Group has nailed its sustainability colours to its mast by joining the Global Maritime Forum's Getting To Zero Coalition, an alliance of more than 140 companies from the maritime, energy, infrastructure and finance sectors

Making up lost ground 

Belgium ports are making up for set backs caused by the global pandemic and pressing ahead with developments and the unification of the ports of Antwerp and Zeebrugge 

Dutch ports are going green

The Port of Rotterdam's financial results were better than in 2019, mainly due to one-off income items and cost savings

Paving the way for ammonia

Maritime leaders are exploring ammonia as marine fuel, covering the entire end-to-end supply chain in Singapore, one of the world's most important bunkering centres

Bjørn Højgaard 

The CEO of Anglo-Eastern explains how the company has developed, what services it offers customers in the dry bulk sector, and how it is dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic


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