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On the waterfront; globally

WaterFront Maritime Services CEO, Terry Gidlow, highlights to IBJ the strategy behind the network's formation, growth and objectives

Avoiding hazardous pitfalls

Dr Martin Jonas is a Partner and Consulting Scientist with Brookes Bell Group, the leading multidisciplinary consultancy to the maritime, offshore and energy, and industrial sectors. Here he investigates the steps ship owners, charterers and shippers can take to protect themselves and their crews to avert and mitigate the risks from unlisted cargoes

Amsterdam plans a long farewell to coal

While coal production worldwide is either stagnant or falling, Norfolk, Virginia is experiencing an upsurge in traffic

A strong drive for innovation

Netherlands-based Nemag continues to innovate to meet market challenges having built a global reputation for supplying a full range of quality grabs over 93 years

Dynamic separation, the new name in safety

The International Dry Bulk Terminals Group (DBTG) is well placed to participate fully with the IMO working group to research the behaviour of bauxite while being transported by sea

A clean sweep 

For Spliethoff, Alfa Laval PureSOx scrubbers are well integrated into the vessel - and life on board

Things looking great in the Lakes

Cargo flows through the great Lakes/St Lawrence Seaway system are buoyant, while ports, terminal operators and shipping lines continue to make substantial investments

Mobile musical chairs

For the second time in recent years Gottwald is at the heart of a significant acquisition in the world of mobile harbour cranes

Indiana's momentum

Indiana's Governor has welcome the world's fifth largest steelmaker to his state as POSCO opens its facility at Jeffersonville port

Keep calm and expand facilities 

Despite a lack of clarity on exactly what changes and challenges Brexit will bring, the UK's ports continue to develop with a view to capitalising of future global trade deals 

Changing the safety culture 

Saint Petersburg is undergoing a drive to improve safety as Baltic ports and services continue to develop

China pushing for trade deals and routes

In September, shipping consultant Drewry revised its forecast for global bulk trade, suggesting that charter rates "will continue to recover with firm demand and controlled fleet growth" in the short term

Simon Doughty

The CEO of Wallem Group talks about the group's history and the services that it offers to vessel owners and operators

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