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Magazine » Advertising 2020

Standard sizes £ $
Full-page 4275 2995 4995
Half-page 2590 1760 2990
Quarter-page 1495 1050 1885
Special positions £ $
Inside front cover 4650 3150 5325
Inside back cover 4350 2975 5150
Outside back cover 4650 3150 5325
Double-page spread 6225 3985 6985

Full bleed advertisements are accepted at no extra charge.

Cancellations: 6 weeks prior to copy date.

Note: These rates apply to International Bulk Journal. All prices are per insertion. UK and European advertisers must add VAT to the above rates. These rates are effective 1st January 2020 and cancel all previous tariffs.

Loose inserts

Full circulation only. Prices based on Inserts supplied by advertiser. Cost for insert printing on application.

Up to 15 grams £1450, 15-20 grams £1550, 20-25 grams £1650, Over 25 grams - rates on application.

Online opportunities: and eNewsletter

Size £
Headline Banner Ad £750
160 x 160 pixels £400

Online advertisement specifications: Max file size is 15kb in GIF or JPEG.

Banners can be animated within the maximum permitted file size. All banners can contain hyperlinks direct to any page within your own site. Banner advertisements can be created for you. Alternatively, please email your completed banner to

Advertisement Production Data

Advertisement Dimensions Type Area
Height Width
Trim Size
Height Width
Bleed Size
Height Width
Double-page spread 275mm x 395mm 297mm x 420mm 303mm x 426mm
Full-page 275mm x 185mm 297mm x 210mm 303mm x 216mm
Half page (horizontal) 130mm x 185mm
Half page (vertical) 275mm x 90mm
Half page (island) 177mm x 118mm
Quarter page (vertical) 130mm x 90mm
Quarter page (horizontal) 60mm x 185mm

Production Data

Acceptable file formats: PDF, JPEG, Tiff, Photoshop eps file (high resolution 300dpi and CMYK).

Acceptable media formats: Quark, Illustrator, Freehand, Photoshop, InDesign.

Please note: International Bulk Journal is produced in high resolution digital format only.

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