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Bulk increases as new record set at Trois-Rivières

Bulk increases as new record set at Trois-Rivières

(Posted on 20/02/23)

The Port of Trois-Rivières closed 2022 with a record number of goods handled. A total of 4.3 million metric tonnes (MMT) of cargo transited through the Port, surpassing the 2019 record of 4.2 MMT and compared with 2021, this represents a 10% increase in Port activity.

All types of traffic contributed to this increase. Indeed, dry bulk increased from 3.3 to 3.6 MMT, liquid bulk from 234,000 MT to 292,000 MT and general cargo from 343,000 MT to 390,000 MT. A total of 242 vessels docked at the Port in 2022, including 11 cruise ship calls.

“When the Port of Trois-Rivières sets handling records, it is important to understand that it is through the efforts of a large number of partners that the Port of Trois-Rivières was able to achieve its goals: our cargo handlers: G3 Canada, Groupe Somavrac, Logistec and QSL, the longshoremen and all port workers, as well as our customers and numerous collaborators, not to mention, of course, the Port Authority's team. I would like to sincerely thank them,” said Gaétan Boivin, President and CEO of the Port of Trois-Rivières.

He added that if the Port is able to achieve such outstanding statistics, it is also thanks to the investments that were made within the framework of the On Course 2020 development plan. “We are now reaping the benefits of the efforts and investments made under our previous development plan, which ran from 2008 to 2017. On Course for 2020 made it possible to modernize the Port and prepare it for today's reality, which requires increased productivity while maintaining sustainable development,” added Mr. Boivin.

The Port of Trois-Rivières' 140th anniversary festivities were certainly a highlight of the year. Numerous activities were held to help as many people as possible discover or rediscover the Port. Notably, the open house day was a resounding success with approximately 5,000 people visiting the port facilities and meeting with representatives of the various companies working in the Port. The Hommage au Saint-Laurent exhibition, which is still on display at the Pierre Boucher Museum until February 23, is certainly another flagship of the festivities. Created by five Quebec painters, it expresses their vision of our majestic St. Lawrence River.

The Port of Trois-Rivières team has spared no effort over the past year to continue the deployment of the On Course for 2030 development plan. More committed than ever to its vision of being an innovative urban port, the Port of Trois-Rivières has contributed to more than 20 research and innovation projects aimed at preparing the port of tomorrow for the benefit of future generations. While some research activities aim to further the knowledge of port logistics, others consist of testing new technologies in real conditions. The sectors of application are varied and are as interested in the digital transformation of port activities as in the monitoring of the performance of transportation networks, the adoption of low-carbon practices and the improvement of environmental quality.

Other major On Course for 2030 projects have also continued to progress. For Terminal 21, the environmental studies continued, while engineering stages for the development of the nonstandard road corridor were completed in collaboration with the City of Trois-Rivières.

In addition, in line with the needs of its partners Alcoa and G3, the Port announced over the course of the year that it was including the projects for the reconstruction of Pier 17 and the construction of a new Pier 16 in its On Course for 2030 plan. “Since these infrastructures are nearly 100 years old and given the desire of our partners to modernize their handling facilities, our team was able to adapt and seize the opportunity to undertake these projects, the cost of which is estimated at around $150 million,” explained Mr. Boivin.

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