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Nexyst 360 selects Nexxiot to digitalize 5000 grain containers

Nexyst 360 selects Nexxiot to digitalize 5000 grain containers

(Posted on 07/03/23)

Nexyst 360, an innovative grain transportation solution provider, has partnered with Nexxiot to digitalize its entire fleet of grain shipping containers with zero-maintenance IoT connectivity hardware. This enables real time transport intelligence across the entire journey, with user services made available through Nexyst 360’s software solution – Traceable AG, LLC.

Traceable AG, LLC links farmers, buyers, and retailers/consumers who use Nexyst 360’s ‘smart’ NexBox container to drive higher standards in farm produce transportation and accountability. Nexxiot hardware and software, when combined with the NexBox container and Traceable AG platform, enables improved farm-to-consumer security, efficiency, and provenance monitoring and provides next-level quality assurance.

Nexyst 360 will deploy 5,000 of Nexxiot’s Globehopper IoT gateways and Cargo Monitors (cargo condition monitoring sensors). These devices will enable Nexyst 360’s / Traceable AG customers to benefit from the latest innovations in Asset Intelligence technology, including real time monitoring of location and cargo conditions. Stakeholders receive supply chain insights and customizable alerts around risks and events that require intervention based on real-time data.

Nexyst 360’s unique NexBox container and digital services are made available via the Traceable AG, LLC platform to increase food security and human safety from loading to delivery. By mounting Globehopper gateways to the containers exterior and including Cargo Monitors inside each container, Nexyst 360 makes it possible for its customers to achieve inside-out visibility of assets to optimize food supply chain processes and support the highest standards of food transportation in the world.

“This partnership with Nexxiot is an important milestone for Nexyst 360 and Traceable AG, LLC, as it encompasses the complete digitalization of our transatlantic fleet,” said Robert Ankeny, Operations Manager and Partner at Nexyst 360 and Traceable AG, LLC. “We make it possible for our agricultural customers to maintain a high-quality product from the field to the point of delivery. We are the link between the farmers and the market, and this new capability sets the bar for grain transportation quality by focusing on accountability, transparency and speed,” he said.

These containers covered more than one million miles in the past five months, carrying over 11 million pounds (5 million kg) of grain and food products globally. The digitalization of this fleet is a significant step – supporting a deep commitment to quality control for the benefit of grain producers and consumers.

“We are changing the future of grain transportation and are excited that Nexxiot is able to equip our client’s fleet to ensure visibility throughout the entire shipment journey,” said Kenneth Mannka, Nexxiot’s Executive Vice President of US Operations.

About Nexyst 360 and Traceable AG, LLC:

Nexyst 360 and Traceable AG link farmers, buyers, and consumers, providing a supply chain solution to meet the quality, traceability, market access, mobility, and insurability goals through technology-enabled processes. Our customers digitalized fleets ensure cargo visibility and quality across the entire lifecycle of transport. To learn more, visit

Nexxiot is a TradeTech pioneer for Asset Intelligence with a mission to remove uncertainty and enable easier, safer, and cleaner global transportation.

Nexxiot’s trusted integrated technology provides essential operational intelligence and visibility for shipping lines, cargo owners, and railcar operators in the supply chain. Clients and partners such as Hapag-Lloyd and Knorr-Bremse can now monitor their assets in real time from anywhere in the world.

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