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EU fertilizer industry calls for more comprehensive long-term strategy

EU fertilizer industry calls for more comprehensive long-term strategy

(Posted on 13/11/22)

Fertilizers Europe has welcomed the recognition of the European Commission that urgent and targeted action is required to improve current conditions for the European fertilizer industry and European farmers.

When it comes to the long-term future of the European industry and EU food security, a more comprehensive strategy is needed. This strategy should also include measures to support the transition to a low-carbon fertilizer industry.

“I am glad to see the Commission recognises the challenging situation of our industry and points out that every reasonable effort has to be made to address current challenges in view of the energy crisis and the war in Ukraine. Both financial aid and gas prioritisation as well as support for farmers affected by high input costs will play a role in helping industry fully restart production in Europe” said Jacob Hansen, Director General of Fertilizers Europe.

Hansen added: “We support the Commission’s call to optimise the nutrient use, for example via FaST tool in the new CAP. Our industry has been working for many years to develop new products and use science and digital solutions to help European farmers improve on-site performance and fertilizer practices. European Union must further support such efforts across European agriculture to ensure we grow more with less”.

“I am glad to see that the European Commission recognises the importance of low-carbon ammonia and fertilizers to ensure the EU’s long-term strategic autonomy, including ensuring its food supply. However, a comprehensive assessment and a detailed strategy is necessary to overcome the challenges and support the opportunities to ensure a long-term European food security and the future transition to low-carbon fertilizer industry in Europe” underlined Jacob Hansen.

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