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The Maritime Standard Unveils Ports and Logistics'Session of TACCC

The Maritime Standard Unveils Ports and Logistics'Session of TACCC

(Posted on 02/08/23)

The Maritime Standard is delighted to announce the unveiling of the second session, titled 'Ports and Logistics,' as part of the upcoming Transportation and Climate Change Conference (TACCC). This session will focus on the crucial role of ports and logistics in driving sustainable transportation practices. It will highlight the initiatives undertaken by leading port operators and cargo-handling technology developers to reduce carbon emissions. The event will take place on September 27, 2023, at the Saadiyat Rotana Resort in Abu Dhabi, UAE, bringing together industry leaders, experts, and stakeholders committed to shaping a greener future for transportation.

Under the tagline "Redesigning Logistics for a green future," the 'Ports and Logistics' session aims to address the challenges posed by climate change by exploring innovative strategies and solutions in port operations, cargo handling, rail connectivity, air cargo, and multimodal networks.

The session will feature engaging presentations by industry experts leading the way in sustainable transportation practices:

Identifying Ports' Contribution to Climate Change Issues and Effective Remedial Measures: An expert specializing in ports and climate change will discuss the environmental impact of ports and present effective remedial measures. The presentation will delve into sustainable practices for port infrastructure, energy usage, and waste management, fostering the transition to greener port operations.

Environmentally-Friendly Cargo Handling Systems: An expert in cargo handling technology and sustainability will focus on powering cargo handling systems in a more environmentally friendly way. The presentation will showcase advanced technologies, equipment, and operational strategies that minimize carbon emissions.

Harnessing Shoreside Power to Reduce Vessel Emissions in Port: A specialist in shoreside power systems and emissions reduction will explore the utilization of shoreside power to mitigate vessel emissions in ports. The presentation will highlight successful implementations, share insights on benefits and challenges.

Rail Connectivity: Switching Land Transport from Road to Rail: A rail transport expert will emphasize the importance of rail connectivity in transitioning from road to rail for land transport. The presentation will showcase successful projects, innovative solutions for intermodal transport, and strategies for incentivizing the shift to reduce emissions.

Short Sea, Coastal, and Inland Waterway Freight: Ports at the Heart of Multimodal Networks, Including Hyper-loops: An expert in short sea, coastal, and inland waterway freight logistics will highlight the significance of these modes of transport and the role of ports in facilitating multimodal networks.

This session aims to accelerate the adoption of sustainable practices within the industry. For more information please visit

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