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SMG reflects on 2022 success with cadets and alternative fuels

SMG reflects on 2022 success with cadets and alternative fuels

(Posted on 13/02/23)

Leading maritime safety training company Stream Marine Group (SMG) has reflected on its most successful year to date in 2022 after trading at twice its size pre-lockdown, thanks to a significant rise of companies seeking its expertise in alternative fuels training.

Last year saw SMG bring the three arms of the business – Stream Marine Training, Stream Marine Careers and Stream Marine Technical under the Group, with the launch of its new alternative fuel’s consultancy services.

The Glasgow-based company prides itself on training the new generation of seafarers in maritime safety and working with alternative fuels, developing the talent of the future with its Cadets programme and recognising the skills and achievements of its own staff.

Group Operations Director Katy Womersley joined the Group in 2020 when she was brought in to oversee the operations of Stream Marine Careers and the development of its Cadets programme. This area has seen incredible growth, both in terms of shipping companies using the service and the increase in recruitment. She has now been credited for her part in the success of the programme, which has seen the number of Cadets under Stream Marine Careers management triple in the past year.

Ms Womersley has since gone on to be promoted to Group Operations Director and now oversees the operations in all three divisions of the business.

Founder Martin White said: “SMG is going from strength to strength and I am delighted last year we saw our biggest rate of growth to date. Bringing Katy in as Operations Director is no coincidence and she has very much been instrumental in our growth.

"Our three divisions have been brought together and streamlined and everyone is united in our vision for the future, thanks to Katy’s input. I would like to thank her for all her hard work and dedication.”

As the shipping industry transitions into providing a more sustainable future with the IMO’s decarbonisation targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least half by 2050, SMG has seen significant growth in companies coming to them for their training courses in alternative fuels, as well their consultation services to help guide them into the green revolution.

The Group is also preparing for the launch of Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organisation (OPITO) approved courses in 2023, which equip people with the vital safety training required for people working in the offshore industry.

Ms Womersley said: “I am delighted to be part of the Group and all of its achievements. It is a lovely accolade to be recognised as part of its success, but I truly believe it is down to the whole team. We have an enormous amount of talent and experience here at SMG, and we are all dedicated and aligned in our vision for a greener future.

“We have seen fantastic growth regarding our Cadet programme. It’s fantastic to be working with the talent of the future, inspiring and nurturing them, and it is testament to the dedication and hard work of everyone involved - as we had experienced a slight downturn during the pandemic with uncertainty around worldwide travel restrictions. I am looking forward to 2023 as we deliver Global Wind Organisation (GWO) and OPITO training alongside our existing maritime portfolio of existing courses."

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