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Shipping to honour vital role of onboard cooks on Cook's Day

Shipping to honour vital role of onboard cooks on Cook's Day

(Posted on 08/05/23)

Investing in crew members’ physical and mental health is fast being recognised as a crucial element to sustain the future of shipping - and on May 30th the industry is being encouraged to join together to celebrate Cook's Day 2023.

MCTC, the international catering management provider to the maritime sector, will host the second annual event on May 30th, 2023, to recognise and express appreciation for the valuable role cooks play while at sea.

Seafarers are being encouraged to recognise their colleagues in the galley by joining in with baking MCTC's delicious and simple banana cake recipe on the day. They can take photos and videos, share their cakes on social media and show messages of support to their cooks.

Group CEO of MCTC, Christian Ioannou said: “The role of the cook is generally very undervalued and not recognised enough. Even when we go out for a meal, how often do we pass on our thanks to the cooks in the kitchen? They are working behind the scenes so are often forgotten about.

“But the cooks onboard ships are responsible for ensuring tasty and nutritious meals are served every day to seafarers, they ensure the proper and good running of their kitchen, safely prepare the food, and make sure the kitchen has all the supplies needed. They provide the essential fuel for the crews to carry out their daily tasks, motivate them, keep their energy and productivity levels up, and boost morale.

“Let’s not forget how vital it is for mental health for crews to feel connected while out at sea. Sitting down and ‘breaking bread’ together remains a vital part of bringing crewmates together at the end of a long shift and reminding them of meals from home.

“The industry has faced enormous challenges over the last few years and will continue to do so, but mealtimes remain the heartbeat of every vessel. And the cooks deserve a day where they can be recognised and thanked by their teammates.”

Companies can also get involved and support Cook’s Day in a number of ways.

  • Encouraging vessels in the fleet to support this initiative and to raise awareness of the critical role that onboard cooks play.
  • Sharing pictures with MCTC of crew members enjoying their favourite meals, which will be posted on its social media channels.
  • Emailing MCTC with stories of how the cook has helped or supported crew members and colleagues.
  • Recording a personal video message for the cook, thanking them for their work and contribution. The footage will be posted on MCTC’s social media channels and its website.

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