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New Ro-Ro Radial Telescopic Unit continues Telestack innovation

New Ro-Ro Radial Telescopic Unit continues Telestack innovation

(Posted on 28/05/24)

Telestack are launching the NEW TSR 40 Radial Telescopic, the only Roll On-Roll Off (Ro-Ro) Radial Telescopic Unit on the market.

Following on from the company’s success with the range of Radial Telescopic Stackers, Telestack have added the TSR 40 to the extensive range.

A common problem with standard Radial Telescopic conveyors is road transport, especially in areas with restricted road access in relation to permits and special loads. This is a major issue with Radial Telescopic units as these are typically transported in euro-liners or containers and then built-up on site with cranes / tools. Therefore, succumbing to extra costs in labour, vulcanising and the extra time needed for setup. This new TSR 40 eliminates this transport problem, as this unit can be transported the same as any normal RORO Tracked Mobile Unit. This unit can be transported at a width of 3.0m (9ft 10”) x height of 3.5m (11ft 5”) x length of 23.2m (76ft 5”), so it is very easy to transport within many roads network, especially in strict areas of Europe, for example.

The TSR 40 offers a unique material handling solution for the Quarrying, Mining and Rail industries, which can also be utilised in Ports & Inland Terminals for Ship/Barge Loading and Unloading. The TSR 40 utilises the radial, telescopic and luffing features to allow the operator full control and flexibility when stockpiling a range of materials. The addition of the integrated PLC stockpiling system eliminates segregation, degradation, contamination, and compaction of material. This is vital in maintaining the quality of your material during the stacking process. The TSR 40 allows for up to +30% larger stockpile capacity when compared to conventional fixed length conveyor systems with the added benefit of increased site mobility.

Its lattice frame design allows it to automatically stockpile from secondary crushers, screeners and fixed conveyors, while stockpiling materials such as aggregates, coal, grains, sand, gravel and mineral ores. A key feature of this unit is the ability to be driven electrically, diversifying away from the standard diesel hydraulic systems. The TSR40 is all an ‘All Electric’ driven unit complete with an integrated diesel electric generator built into the chassis to power all functions of the unit, both tracking and conveyor drives operation. This feature also allows the operator to plug in their own 3 x Phase Electric power if available on site, lowering their fuel consumption further and reducing their overall carbon footprint.

International Sales Manager, Carl Donnelly states, “We're thrilled to introduce our latest product to the market. As a leading OEM in the material handling sector, we take pride in our commitment to listening to our dealers and customers, designing and manufacturing solutions that address market needs. The TSR 40 is a prime example of this ethos. It also demonstrates our drive to innovate and devise solutions for our dealers and customers, which is paramount to our collective success”.

With their range of material handling solutions, Telestack’s Radial telescopic units provide efficient stockpiling capacity, ease of movement and rapid set up. This is further enhanced with the launch of the TSR 40, which has an increased site and road mobility feature that makes it stand out from the rest. The proven lattice frame structure provides maximum strength with reduced overall mass along with an impressive radial potential of up to 270 degrees for maximum stockpiling capacities.

Introducing the first RORO mobile radial telescopic stacker to the market highlights how Telestack believe they are ahead of the curve and are constantly assessing the market demands. Their 39 years’ experience extends across many industries and commodities and the transferable experience has been successfully applied to their customised solutions for the various sectors.

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