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DNV to lead Nordic Roadmap for zero-carbon ship fuels

DNV to lead Nordic Roadmap for zero-carbon ship fuels

(Posted on 12/04/22)

The Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment has awarded DNV and its partners a contract to develop a roadmap for the introduction of sustainable zero-carbon fuels across the Nordic region. The “Nordic Roadmap” aims to accelerate the transition to zero carbon fuels by reducing the key barriers to their uptake and creating a platform for cooperation across the region. Working together with DNV on the development of the Nordic Roadmap are Chalmers, IVL, MAN Energy Solutions, Menon, and Litehauz.

The IMO has already set the maritime industry an ambitious timetable for decarbonization – but one that will require the significant deployment of zero-carbon fuels for shipping. although steps are being made – there is significant room for the transition towards greater sustainability to accelerate. The Nordic Roadmap looks to drive this acceleration in the region through identifying and reducing the key barriers to sustainable zero-carbon fuels, examining the onboard, onshore and market barriers and setting out concrete action that can be taken to overcome them.

“This is a project that takes co-operation for green shipping in the Nordic region several steps further and will make an operational contribution to the roll-out of sustainable zero-emission fuels in the Nordic region,” said Minister of Climate and Environment Espen Barth Eide. “We have many shipping routes in the Nordic region and a close maritime cooperation that gives us many advantages in the development of green maritime solutions. It is important that we take advantage of this, and I look forward to following this project further.”

“The Nordic Roadmap is a significant project because it signals the intent of our region to take the initiative on zero-carbon fuels and drive the energy transition forward in our industry,” said Tuva Flagstad-Andersen, Regional Manager Region North Europe, DNV. “Across the Nordics we have the technical knowledge base, both in terms of technology development, but also vitally in establishing the safety and regulatory frameworks to support these fuel technologies. In addition, there is a spirit of cooperation and knowledge exchange across institutions and companies that can really turbo charge this transition.”

The Nordic Roadmap is centred around the establishment of a Nordic Cooperation platform to facilitate knowledge sharing, alongside the launch of pilot projects and studies that will build experience in new fuels, to establish “green corridors” and the enabling infrastructure. The collaboration platform is envisaged as a forum when partners can not only share and discuss the progress of the Nordic Roadmap, but receive briefings on new policy, R&D, and other linked programmes, and potentially develop projects outside this project. 

The focus of the project is on “sustainable zero-carbon fuels” from a Well-to-Wake perspective. The project uses a Fuel Scorecard, where zero-carbon fuels such as ammonia and hydrogen will be evaluated by applying a variety of KPIs for performance and sustainability, conducting a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), and assessing the regulatory and safety challenges. In addition, the sea traffic in the region will be analysed through AIS mapping, as well as possible bunkering and infrastructure possibilities and challenges, leading to the creation of an infrastructure development plan to supply vessels across the region.

“MAN Energy Solutions is very happy to work with a broad variety of industry partners and to share our particular expertise on this mutual path to decarbonization,” said Mikael C. Jensen, Vice President and Head of Engineering, MAN Energy Solutions. “The Nordic Roadmap is as timely as it is necessary, and we welcome the opportunity to advance the uptake of sustainable fuels on this inexorable path to net-zero.”

“By focusing on accelerating the uptake of alternative fuels, knowledge-sharing and establishing green corridors the Nordic roadmap project can play an important role in fuelling the green shift in shipping in which the Nordic countries already play a key role,” said Harald Solberg, CEO of the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association.

“At IVL we are very happy to be involved in this Nordic collaboration that will help transfer the shipping sector away from fossil fuels, said Erik Fridell, manager of the Transport and Mobility group at IVL. "IVL hope we can contribute with our knowledge on marine fuels and environmental solutions for shipping."

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