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DEME awards new contract to Telestack

DEME awards new contract to Telestack

(Posted on 13/12/23)

Telestack have been awarded a contract for the supply of two Mobile ship-loading systems for one of the world’s leading dredging, land marine engineering and off-shore energy companies – DEME.

Telestack specialise in the complete design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of bulk material handling systems.

The system will consist of 2 x Wheel Mounted Apron Steel Feeders and 2 x TB 52 (170ft) Radial Telescopic Shiploaders for handling rock material to DEME Specialised Rock Installation Vessels.

The rocks are used in coastal engineering and shoreline protection projects. The purpose of using offshore rocks is to dissipate wave energy, reduce erosion, and protect coastal structures from the damaging effects of waves and currents. These rocks act as a barrier, absorbing and reflecting wave energy, which helps to prevent further erosion of the shoreline and maintain the stability of the surrounding areas.

The Telestack Mobile system will form a key part of the material handling process in loading this material to the specialised DEME Rock Installation Vessels.

This contract has once again highlighted Telestack as the leaders in the Mobile Bulk Material Handling in their ability to design and manufacture these innovative products to meet the specific demand of this larger rock material for DEME.

The system will goes through design/ production and be ready for dispatch in 2024.

DEME is a leading contractor in the fields of offshore energy, environmental remediation, dredging and marine infrastructure. DEME also engages in concessions activities in offshore wind, marine infrastructure, green hydrogen, and deep-sea mineral harvesting. The company can build on more than 145 years of experience and is a front runner in innovation and new technologies. DEME’s vision is to work towards a sustainable future by offering solutions for global challenges: a rising sea level, a growing population, the reduction of emissions, polluted rivers and soils and the scarcity of mineral resources. DEME can rely on about 5,000 highly skilled professionals and operates one of the largest and most technologically advanced fleets in the world.

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